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Nia X1 Bluetooth Headset new

Nia X1 Bluetooth Headset

Rs. 2,299 Rs.2,999.00
High Copy Mi Redmi Airdots 2 new


Rs. 1,999 Outstock

NIA X2 Bluetooth wireless headphone Black

Rs. 2,000 Rs.25.00 Outstock

Bluedio Bluetooth Headset T2+

Rs. 3,499 Outstock

JBL Bluetooth Headset S990

Rs. 1,600 Outstock

Samsung Buds Live Golden High Copy

Rs. 3,199 Rs.4,500.00 Outstock


Rs. 1,999 Rs.2,700.00 Outstock

Samsung Buds Live R180 Black High Copy

Rs. 2,999 Rs.5,500.00 Outstock
Nia X1 Bluetooth Headset new

Nia X1 Bluetooth Headset

Rs. 2,299 Rs.2,999.00
Apple Airpods Generation 2 Jieli(high Copy) new

Apple Airpods Generation 2 Jieli(high Copy)

Rs. 2,499 Rs.3,999.00
SKU:- Generation 2 Jieli
High Copy Mi Redmi Airdots 2 new

High Copy Mi Redmi Airdots 2

Rs. 2,999 Rs.4,999.00
SKU:- Airdots2


Rs. 1,999 Rs.2,700.00
SKU:- mi-bluetooth headset

Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth is a radio standard for transmitting data, music, videos or pictures over short distances. This means that two coupled devices can communicate with each other without there being a cable connection between them. In order to be able to establish a wireless connection with two Bluetooth-enabled smart phones, for example, the Bluetooth function must first be activated on both mobile phones under In order for the smart phones recognize each other, must on both phones visibility for other Bluetooth devices turned on his. When the desired participant appears in the list of visible devices, the coupling (pairing) can be carried out by one of the two devices.

First, a security code is exchanged, which either only has to be confirmed or entered. The pairing process then starts. After coupling, for example, pictures, music or videos can be transferred from one phone to the other. You can connect wirelessly to other compatible devices, such as phones, computers, headphones, and car kits. You can also send images to compatible phones or computers.

You can connect your phone to a variety of useful Bluetooth devices. For example, with a wireless headset (sold separately), you can talk hands-free on the phone while doing other activities, such as working at a computer. Connecting your phone to a device is called a device is called pairing.

Wireless headsets are connected via Bluetooth technology or using a USB-A receiver. Logitech wireless headsets offer the same functionality as wired headsets, while providing complete freedom of action. The user will be able to stand up, stretch or move away from the workplace without removing the headset. The wireless headset allows you to receive calls, participate in video conferences, and listen to music. The absence of a wire does not affect the convenience of adjusting the volume, mute during calls, and selecting songs. Simple, easy-to-use on-ear controls make it all as easy and convenient as a wired model. As for freedom of movement, it is useful not only for office workers.