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USB cables are used to transfer power, data, or both between electronic devices. USB is an abbreviation of the term Universal Serial Bus.USB is a standard term used for several different versions of interfaces and connections between computers, printers, chargers, telephones, and other electronic devices.

If you know exactly which USB cable or connector you are missing, you can see our range of the different variations. We carry both 2.0 and 3.0 models, as well as extensions, adapters, converters, extenders, hubs, switches and expansion cards all for best prices.  We want to offer the lowest prices on the market and we therefore carry a price guarantee on all our USB cables. To ensure high quality, we have allied ourselves with the best in the world. 

USB cables are offered in different versions. Standard is the well-known USB 2.0 version with a transfer rate. The latest version is USB 3.1 with which completely new connector types have been introduced. The new plug can be inserted identically on both sides and is also designed for charging devices .The majority of mobile devices such as Smartphone or tablets are charged via a USB cable. When choosing the right USB cable, the exact specification such as B to pay attention to connector type Micro or Mini.

?Devices connected with USB cables can be connected to one another during operation.

?The computer automatically detects the connected device and its properties.

?The USB interface unifies numerous different cables and plug connections that were previously used for different devices.

?For devices with low power consumption, the can the USB cable power supply take place

The connector type A is connected to the PC or the charger, the connector type B (also mini-B or micro-B) at the other end of the cable is plugged into the device. Occasionally the male or female connector is also mentioned.USB cables or connectors are the common way to connect mass storage devices to a computer. 

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USB  Cable 2.0, 3.0 Male to Female with different of wire length.