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VGA Cables

VGA stands for the term Video Graphics and describes an interface for the transmission of moving images. A VGA connector, in turn, is the connector on a VGA cable between a device that outputs the image signal and the device that is to reproduce this signal. The two connector ends of such a cable are referred to as port A and port B; they can be designed in plug or socket form. A VGA connector is usually a mini D-Sub connector with 15 pins

VGA cables are available in many different models and lengths. Often a VGA cable is also called a monitor cable or monitor cable, as it is used to transfer image / video to a monitor.

Although most new devices today have HDMI connectors, there are still many devices that use VGA connectors, so it may still be relevant to use a VGA cable. Here at you will find a large range of VGA cables in different lengths. If you need a VGA cable, we always offer fast delivery, so you do not have to wait long for your new monitor cable. As VGA is an analog video signal, it can be used to transfer image and video to a monitor. In this connection, it is one of the most common analog standards for transferring image / video between a computer and a computer screen.

For example, you may also need a VGA monitor cable when connecting a projector, a standard monitor, or a plasma monitor. Many people also use VGA cables in connection with a home cinema (Home Cinema), as it can give a nice and clear picture. You may have heard of both VGA 14 pin cables and VGA 15 pin cables without being quite sure what the difference between the two really is Although the difference is not great, it still matters a lot to you whether you choose a VGA cable with 14 or 15 pins (pins).

Our Products

Though we have a variety of VGA cables in our store some of them are:

• VGA Cable Male To Male OD 8MM 3m

• VGA Cables is available Male To Male in different distance end to end like you can buy in 5m, 10m, 15m, and 20m. We have a huge collection of sizes so you can select anyone. 

• VGA Y Cable OD 8MM