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Hard Disk Case

Hard Disk case, the perfect protection for your hard drive the housing for hard drives can be connected to your computer, television, and other devices using a USB cable. Use it as a mobile drive, for more storage space, for data exchange, and as a backup medium.

Hard drives are built into computers and laptops with a mounting frame. There are practical hard disk for the external use of the sensitive disks. These consist of a stable cover and at least one connection option. The connection to the computer is usually via USB 3.0 or newer. Manufacturers offer the hard disks and matching housings in addition to other formats, mainly in 2.5 and 3.5 inches. The small 2.5 inch cases are convincing mobile companions. The larger 3.5-inch case for one internal hard drive in a 3.5-inch format often also integrates a power connection and is designed for stationary use at the desk.

External hard drive with you wherever you go and connect it to various end devices. This allows you to expand the storage space of your computer and easily exchange data between the devices. For example, you first transfer a film to the hard drive in the housing on the PC, connect it to the television and enjoy the movie evening. Create a backup of your data and save it on the external hard drive. For maximum security, keep the case and the back-up hard drive separate from the computer, preferably in a fireproof safe.

The choice depends on the form factor of the internal hard drive. A 2.5-inch hard drive fits into a 2.5-inch housing, and if necessary also into 3.5-inch housing with a mounting frame. The 3.5-inch HDD belongs in 3.5-inch housing. When comparing, pay attention to the integrated interface, the connection is usually made via SATA III with 6 Gbit / s. There are particularly small SSD housings for SSDs with the M2 form factor. Two or more hard drives are another option. When it comes to hard drives, you have the choice between a lot of storage space at a low price and the ultra-fast. For optimal performance the primary drive in the computer will be an SSD, the upgrade is worth it you can then continue to use a previously used HDD with hard drive housing as an external hard drive.

The housing enables the external use of a hard drive, the installation succeeds without experience and the connection is made via USB 3.0 or even newer standards. Models for 3.5-inch hard drives often come with a stand, and 2.5-inch hard drives sometimes come with a transport bag. You pay conveniently online. If the goods are available, they can also be picked up in person at the store near you after purchasing them online.