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Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers Smartphone’s, tablets and other mobile devices are multimedia talents with which you can enjoy your favorite music anywhere. If you don't always want to wear headphones, you either need a docking station or a mobile speaker that can be connected via Bluetooth. The latter variant is the best solution, especially for on the go, because a docking station usually has to be set up on a firm, reasonably level surface so that a Smartphone or tablet can be safely docked. Many Bluetooth speakers are designed to be handy and robust and can simply be placed anywhere - for example, in the open rucksack or on a wall or on the picnic blanket in the park. The Smartphone or tablet can stay in your pocket while listening to music or just there where you can easily get to the playlist if necessary. Some Bluetooth stereo speakers, for example the ultimate ears Boom or the Beats, can be easily picked up - while dancing, chilling, wherever you feel like it.

A loudspeaker with Bluetooth can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device. There are different generations of Bluetooth, but all of them are backwards compatible. Only the energy-saving 4.0 variant "Smart" or "Low Energy" is not downwardly compatible, but it is also not designed for streaming larger amounts of data such as audio and video signals. As a rule, mobile devices support both current Bluetooth variants (“Smart Ready”). To connect a loudspeaker via Bluetooth, the Bluetooth function must be activated on the Smartphone or another end device. The loudspeaker should be close by - depending on the specified range. As soon as it is switched on, the Smartphone recognizes it. If automatic coupling is supported, the piece of music from the audio player that is running will soon be heard.