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Air Mouse

Air-mouse works on the basis of a system of gyroscopes that determines the position of the body in space. Such a system is called vibration it consists of several micromechanical gyroscopes, the data of which is processed by a microprocessor. The vibration gyro system is very simple, reliable, and, most importantly, very accurate. An important fact is that gyroscopes process data in three-dimensional space. Thus, the Air mouse does not need a surface as mouse with other types of motion sensors do. This means that the user can control the electronic device with the mouse without limiting his actions when working with most modern models of Air mouse, to move the cursor of a gyroscopic mouse, you need to hold down a special button, although there are gyroscopic mouse that do not require any extra clicks to work with. In principle, it is quite easy to get used to the cursor movement button if the ergonomics of the manipulator is at a high level.

These air mouse are powered either from the built-in battery of the mouse or from several AAA batteries (micro-finger batteries). Since the gyroscopic mouse has low power consumption, the autonomy of the device is usually not a problem for the user. Connecting a gyroscopic mouse to an electronic device is mainly done using a USB receiver. However, there are some models that connect to an electronic device using a Bluetooth connection. This type of connection is suitable for users whose electronic devices have an insufficient number of USB ports (for example, as on Android Mini PC) and the use of a USB hub 

This type of air mouse will be useful for those who often work with text on an Internet tablet outdoors, or using a TV with Smart TV. When choosing a gyroscopic mouse with a keyboard, it is recommended to pay attention, first of all, to the ergonomics and key travel of the device. The laser pointer integrated into some Air-mice makes it easy to conduct presentations, lectures - working with a mouse equipped with a built-in pointer is convenient and effective.