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HDMi Cables

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and is used to transfer digital audio and video between two devices in high resolution. Most televisions and computers have up to several HDMI connectors, so you can connect multiple devices that way. DVD players, Blu-ray players, game consoles, computers, and so on are usually equipped with an HDMI connector. HDMI cables transmit data. Whether it is audio, video or something else is secondary. With the latest HDMI cables, you can eliminate various cables and simply use one HDMI cable for it all. From version 1.4, HDMI has had a dedicated net channel built-in, but there are not many devices that make use of this for anything other than streaming movies from e.g. Netflix via a Blu-ray player or a newer DVD player.

HDMI cables are available in many shades, long and short, with angled heads that fit behind a wall-mounted flat panel. If you need to pull an HDMI cable that is longer than 10 meters, it may pay to invest in an active one of its kind. There is a risk that the signal strength will deteriorate on long cables. However, you should not have this concern with an active HDMI cable. Such a cable has a built-in amplifier, which uses the current that the cable transmits to amplify the signal, which helps you get the optimal signal out of the cable. You must be aware that there are different types of connectors when it comes to HDMI cables.  HDMI is the standard HDMI connector, while HDMI-C is Mini HDMI. HDMI-D is also called Micro HDMI and is the smallest plug type of the three.

The transfer speed is the same for all kinds of connectors. The differences between the cables relate to design and use. Mini and Micro HDMI is used for devices that have less physical space for large connectors. However, the standard on most devices is HDMI-A, so if you are looking for an HDMI connector for your TV, computer, DVD player, console

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