Hdmi Flat Cable Ult Unite 2.0v 2k.4k 10m

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Hdmi Flat Cable Ult Unite 2.0v 2k.4k 10m


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Title: Hdmi flat cable ult unite 2.0v 2k.4k 10m

Description: Hdmi flat cable ult unite 2.0v 2k.4k 10m -

Detail: The material of cable using the latest version 2.0 specifications, using the large size of conductor and ground anaerobic single crystal tin plating copper, transmission speed can reach 10.2 GBPS, silver plated series transmission speed maximum 21 GBPS, easily support four times the current 1080P or 4K*2K ultra-high resolution. Adopt the mode of each group of line separate shielding cable structure, shielding rate is as high as 90%,and 125% for each group of signal lines of aluminum foil and hot-nylar got packages, three times shielding, not only effectively isolated from the outside to internal signal interference signal, can ensure that each group of signal transmission of independent, mutual interference, signal transmission is more stable, more pure.

The built-in HDMI Ethernet channel realizes network share without any other Ethernet cable and enables the high speed data transfer between the sender and receiver, which is up to 100MPS. At the same time, it also offers the necessary interconnection for the DMI device resource sharing.
The HDMI cable can send the HDTV audio data to the A/V receiver directly, eliminating the needs for any separate S/PDIF audio connection.
Super transfer speed can easily meet the transfer demands of Blue-ray disk & 3D format high-capacity movies and giant games. Apply to the port of HDTV, Home Theater, DVD player, projector , BD Blu-ray , PS3, Xbox360 and other HDMI devices,etc

Key Features:-
1080p, 2k and 4K resolutions
10.2GBPS speed for copper
21GPBS speed for silver
10m length
3D support
Built in Ethernet channel
5m length

Package includes:-
1 x HDMI flat cable ult unite 10m 2.0V

Weight: 2.00 KGs