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Aspor A323 Power Bank 10000mah new
Mi Band 4 new


Rs. 899 Outstock


Rs. 799 Outstock


Rs. 799 Outstock

Remax iphone cable RC06i

Rs. 399 Outstock

Samsung Power Bank 10000mAh Fast Charging

Rs. 2,250 Rs.3,500.00 Outstock
Remax Tablet iPad holder C16 new

Remax Tablet iPad holder C16

Rs. 1,150
SKU:- Accessoiries - 0017
Mi Band 4 new

Mi Band 4

Rs. 4,500
SKU:- Smart Watch - 0022

Mobile Accessories

We carry mobile phone accessories that protect your cell phone from any damage, as well as spare parts such as battery or battery cover. We offer batteries, cell phone cases, protective cases (cell phone cases), as well as chargers (charging cables) for the car/motor vehicle or the socket. To find the right mobile phone accessories for your device, simply click on the manufacturer of your mobile phone or Smartphone and then select the desired model. You will then immediately see the matching mobile phone accessories. The hardware, i.e. cell phones and smart phones, can be found under the item "Devices". With the help of the filters, you can then quickly find the right accessories for you. In the "Article/product group" filter, select, for example, rechargeable batteries/batteries and you will see all suitable rechargeable batteries for your mobile phone. Or if you are looking for a mobile phone holder, select the filter "Car device holder", then all suitable car holders will be displayed. The filter "Bags" shows all protective sleeves, covers, and cases. Not least because of the growing range of functions in modern cell phones, there are a large number of different cables. For example, some devices support battery charging through a micro USB cable that can be connected to a computer. Also, files on the mobile phone such as photos or appointment data can be transferred via a USB cable. There are also adapters for all common connection types. The following overview shows a selection of cables and adapters that might be of interest to you. 

• Jack cable: Cell phones with a 2.5 millimeter or 3.5-millimeter jack connector for audio output can be connected to external devices such as speaker systems 

• USB power adapter: Enables you to charge the cell phone battery with a USB cable by connecting it to the mains