Kisonli LED-900 TWS soundbar bluetooth speaker
( شُروع اَللہ کے پاک نام سے جو بڑا مہر بان نہایت رحم والا ہے ) بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

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Kisonli LED-900 TWS soundbar bluetooth speaker


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Title: Kisonli LED-900 TWS soundbar bluetooth speaker

Description: Kisonli LED-900 TWS soundbar bluetooth speaker -

Detail:  Kisonli LED-900 TWS soundbar bluetooth speaker connected at the same time 2 speakers, LCD screen now (Random color)
Instructions for FM radio tuning: you turn on the source then press the M button to switch to FM mode (the speaker will beep because there is no radio), then press and hold the Play button for 3 - 4s when it stops. release your hand shyly, then wait for the speaker to tune and save the station (note the number of stations will vary depending on the region).
*** Instructions for connecting 2 speakers at the same time: turn on the power of 2 speakers, press and hold for 2 -3 seconds on the M button on the first speaker, the speaker will beep, next press the same on the 2nd speaker, then press 2. The speaker will have a PING signal. Finally turn on the phone bluetooth to detect and connect bluetooth to 1 of 2 speakers

Functions: Bluetooth - FM - USB - Memory card - AUX (from the device to the speaker by 3.5mm jack) - Connect the pot at the same time 2 speakers - handsfree phone - LCD display
Color: Black - Gray (random delivery)
Power: 20W (10W x 2 speakers)
Speaker: 52mm / 4 ohm / 10W (x2)
Connection Range: 10m (maximum)
Material: ABS plastic - alloy front
Adjust: Power button, Mode (cum LED), Sound volume, Next, Back, Play / Stop (cum TWS button), ...
Power supply: Micro USB (DC 5V)
Rechargeable Battery: Lithium 2400mAh (3.7V)
Charging time: 3 - 4 hours
Usage time: 7 - 10 Hours
Size: 375 * 57 * 70mm
Bluetooth version: v4.0 + EDR

Weight: 1.00 KGs