Today´s Android TV boxes
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Today´s Android TV boxes

Today´s Android TV boxes

Android TV boxes are getting more powerful today with their multicore CPUs and graphics processors and they’re able to demanding more games.Google Play store provides access to countless gaming apps. Android set-top boxes present cheap yetvery capable alternative to traditional game consoles with their high price tag and expensive games. I look atthe best Android TV box game controllers on the market.
It’s an immersive experience to play video game. The precision control is very important. It should be versus to you or against the game. Butremote control destroy the experience of it. Ultimately, the whole processes of gaming is ruined as you are struggling with your controls. Anyone that has tried to play the game with mouse or remote automatically, they feels frustration.
Gaming on Android Set-Top Box

For games you didn’t buy your Android TV. It was the possibilities that agree you to get your set-top box. To access easily stream movies and shows to your TV via Kodi, Netflix, or any of the other streaming services is the most popular use of these Android-powered streaming media players.
However, all that hardware that allows you to stream crisp HD content can do much more than you might have thought. Any of the current Android media players sport the latest generation quad-core processors with enough processing power to put your aged office PC to shame. Paired with 2 GB of RAM and a dedicated multi-core graphics processor, these small powerhouses run even the most demanding 3d games.

Gaming on Android TV Box Rocks
An Android media player is the ideal living room gaming device for casual gamers. Below are some of the key reasons why gaming on Android boxes is experiencing such an influx in popularity:
•Low price of games
•Insane amount of available games for every type of gamer (see some recommendations here)
•Cheapest way to turn your existing living room TV into a gaming hub
•Very powerful yet affordable Android TV boxes available
The Perfect Android Box Game Controller
So what should you look out for when shopping for the best gamepad for your new Android TV box?
•Durability: Buying a cheap controller that breaks easily is the most obvious mistake you could make. Sometimes, things can get a little heated when trying to beat that end-boss. Opt for a quality product that survives a fall or a frustrated toss.
•    Precision & Feedback: Gaming is about skill and timing. A great gamepad gives you adequate stick precision and registers every press of a button without any hiccups.
•    Connectivity: Opt for a wireless controller to avoid having to deal with wires. Also, keep an eye out for battery life as you don’t want to take an unplanned break because you run out of juice.
•    Full size and familiar layout: Let’s not reinvent the wheel. Console controllers are tried and tested designs. All the gamepads I recommend below closely mimic their layout and size.

The Best Android Gamepads
Many manufacturers have released gamepads in recent years due to the increasing popularity of gaming on set-top boxes. However, many of these controllers are cheap and unreliable. Below are the top 5 gamepads for Android media players to ensure you’ll enjoy your living room gaming to the fullest.

Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R
we’ll give Mad Catz the benefit of the doubt and just assume that there was an online petition to name their newest Android controller. Eight-year-old apparently won however, apart from the overly edgy name, there is very little wrong with this gamepad.
It is great to see one of the big gaming brands entering the Android gaming market. Mad Catz is a respected company amongst enthusiasts, well-known for its quality products. And, without a doubt their expertise shines through in this product.

The Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R is an absolute beast. It’s built like a tank, able to cope with the most aggressive button-mashers out there. Rest assured that this device will easily survive an accidental drop. Also, anyone with previous gaming experience will feel immediately at home when they pick up the C.T.R.L.R. All the buttons and sticks are exactly where you’d expect them. Additionally, the controller has a good weight to it.