Android smart box improve the capabilities of their living room TV
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Android smart box improve the capabilities of their living room TV

Android smart box hit the Box for the first time in January this year. However, this latest was revealed in many songs and decided to remove it. The recovery time is over and is releasing the new Android which is free of bugs. The multimedia devices that we currently connect to our televisions are becoming more common and popular, largely thanks to the benefits they bring us and the possibilities they offer us, so in these lines we will focus on those based on Android TV. To begin with, we will tell you that the so-called Android TV boxes, which have been becoming so popular for some time, are perfect little devices for those who want to improve the capabilities of their living room TV. In this way, these products, sometimes very controversial and persecuted, can be of great help to us when managing our own multimedia content of all kinds thanks to well-known programs.

These are actually devices that, among other things, are characterized by their simple installation on almost any current television that, among other things, directly provides us with access to a good number of additional applications, as well as an Internet connection, all from the television itself. and even if it does not have Smart TV capabilities . Of course, when we hear about an Android TV box, this does not correspond to a specific device, since these are sold in many different shapes and sizes, in addition to having a wide variety of proposals, both software and hardware, inside. Smart TV is very popular, and there are chances that, if you buy a TV now, you have chosen a smart TV that allows you to broadcast things from the Internet. However, despite the popular smart TV There is another market that is growing TV Box is a 4K streaming device that you can use to watch TV movies, YouTube recordings, news and recreations, tune in to radio broadcasts, play recreations through Google play and observe on the Web. Supports Bluetooth and Wifi for other Android devices there are also a number of additional gadgets that come with it such as a voice-enabled remote control (depending on the model), a mouse or a touch screen and keyboard. You connect the mouse remotely to the TV screen via Bluetooth and use them to select TV channels, change languages and applications on your smart TV screen. Set up automatic king sets when you connect anything to the box.

Android smart box While testing this device, the most important thing for me is knowledge. Every day I watch series, movies and programs on various programs, including. Netflix, HBO GO, Player. I love how you can easily deliver these kinds of services on TV. When it comes to Netflix, there is no problem in using it - there is a special button on the remote control for this is that many manufacturers of these boxes have altered the operating system to meet their own needs, so that at the moment there are many versions of the system and the devices as such also vary substantially depending on their manufacturer. But that's not all, since in addition to these boxes the Android TV operating system is also integrated into several smart TVs from well-known brands.

Android smart box In the same way, Android TV is the most used system in the well-known  that have been talking so much lately, although they do not have to be related to content piracy , so your purchase should not generate any doubt about your legality in most cases, everything will later depend on the type of use that the user makes of these products. We must also bear in mind that despite the implicit term Android, the user interface presented by these boxes for television has little resemblance to what we see on Android smart phones.