Uk 3pin Samsung Original 25w Pd Adopter
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Uk 3pin Samsung Original 25w Pd Adopter

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Super Fast Charging(SFC) is Samsung’s charging method based on Power Delivery 3.0.
SFC is supported forGalaxy Notes (Note10 and higher),
Galaxy S series (S10 5G and higher), and other SFC capable devices.
PD(Power Delivery) 3.0 is USB IF standard to charge quickly over USB-C.
Super Fast Charging fuels up Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note20 more than 50% within30 minutes
according to the results derived from internal Samsung lab tests conducted
with the above-mentioned devices while they had 0% power remaining on the battery,
with all services, features, and screen turned off.
Fast charging is supported for compatible devices such as iPhone 8 and higher.
Actual charging speed may vary depending on the actual usage,
charging conditions, connected devices and other factors.
For optimum results, please use with authentic Samsung cables
which can be purchased separately.
Compatible with various devices
Wall Charger does the job for Android devices as well as devices that run different,
operating systems.
For this Wall Charger, the size of your devices isn’t a problem; from earbuds to laptops,
take advantage of an ideal charging time for your devices at speeds they,
can manage to handle.
Enjoy the flexibility of the USB Type-C
Enjoy the flexibility enabled by USB-C compatible cables. You can alternate the types of cables
to charge a variety of mobile devices that you own. Just plug in a cable – there’s no need
to change the adapter plugged into your wall outlet.
Charging cable not included.
Compatible with all standard USB type-C cables such as USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to,
Lightning and etc.

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