Pwm2-g2 Orico Ssd M2 Nvme Hard Drive Encloure

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Pwm2-g2 Orico Ssd M2 Nvme Hard Drive Encloure

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Title: ORICO-PWM2-G2 M.2 NVME Hard Disk Enclosure

Description: ORICO-PWM2-G2 M.2 NVME Hard Disk Enclosure -

Features unique to ORICO:
1. Heat Dissipation: Built-in Metal cooling vest + Silicone thermal pad, heat dissipation is fast,
and the heat dissipation efficiency is 20%-30% higher than that of ordinary SSD enclosures.
PS: SATA 5Gbps Model is not included cooling vest and t hermal pad.
2. With Metal Cap: Prevent the interface from being exposed and damaged,
protect the interface and improve the stability of the structure.

3. Capacity: Supports up to 4TB NVMe ssd.
4. Acceleration Protection: Support UASP, TRIM, SMART, 70% faster than traditional USB 3.1 read speed,
40% faster write speed, automatically identify errors, ensure file data security.
5. Tool-free: Slide installation without tools.
A. Use the silicone plugs to fix the SSD. Just align the silicone connector to the SSD interface
and press it gently to install the SSD. The soft silicone plug protects the SSD mounting hole and avoids abrasion.
B. Connect the hard drive case cover to the hard drive case bayonet, and close the hard drive
case with a gentle push. It\'s easy to take out and doesn\'t wear out the SSD.

Input InterfaceB-Key/B&M-Key
Output InterfaceType-C(USB3.2 Gen1)
Transmission Rate5Gbps
Support Capacity4TB Max
AccessoriesSilicone Plug*2
Supported SystemWindows/Mac OS/Linux
Data CableType-A/Male to Type-C/Male, 0.3m
LED indicatorMonitor state of the SSD
CompatibleM.2 NGFF SATA 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280 four different specifications of SSD
SupportSATA3.0 protocol and UASP acceleration protocol
Compatible withPC, laptop, smart TV, smart router, PS4 and other devices
SupportEnter sleep state after 10 minutes of idle time

Package Included:

1. M.2 SSD Enclosure * 1

2. Package Box

3. cable * 1

4. Cooling vest * 1 ( SATA 5Gbps model is not included )

5. Thermal Pad * 1 ( SATA 5Gbps model is not included )

6. Silicone Screw * 2

7. Instruction book

Weight: 0.50 KGs