Converters large selection of the most necessary accessories
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Converters large selection of the most necessary accessories

Converter we present to your attention a large selection of the most necessary accessories for cell phones, tablets and laptops: on this page of the store website, you can profitably buy a phone cable, laptop cable, tablet cable, card reader, adapter or a set of adapters. The list of offers includes products of the brands Apple

When purchasing a modern mobile gadget (phone, Smartphone, laptop, tablet), many are happy to accept the additional capabilities of these communication devices. And sometimes they even focus, first of all, for example, on the capabilities of the built-in camera and the parameters of the volume of external memory of devices. And there is nothing surprising here, since manufacturers of mobile and computer devices have provided users with the opportunity to download their favorite music tracks to a Smartphone or tablet, save photos, pictures, videos taken by the built-in camera, etc. To carry out the listed actions, you just need to connect your cell or tablet to a stationary computer or laptop. There are several ways: firstly, you can transfer the necessary information using Bluetooth, secondly, in many cases, the infrared port will help to cope with the task, and, thirdly, you can move files by connecting the appropriate data cable to the device. Each of these options has certain advantages, but still there is only one universal. It's about connecting using a data cable. Why is this particular method suitable for everyone But because not every model of a Smartphone or tablet or laptop provides the ability to transfer information through two other methods.

Converter In our store, you can purchase the necessary mobile phone cables, tablet cables or laptop cables at the most affordable price. When choosing an option, you should definitely take into account that devices of different companies need cables of a certain type. In order to choose and purchase a cell phone cable or touchpad cable, you need to know exactly what kind of connector your gadget has. Compatibility between the device and the new cord you purchase depends on the pin assignment of the connector. So, for example, modern phone models from have a universal mini-USB input. Therefore, a cable from the specified manufacturer can be purchased at almost all computer hardware stores. In our catalog, you can also choose a cable for charging a phone of the specified type. Other manufacturers of mobile gadgets use their own special type of connector, VGA, , etc., although they support a USB interface.

The choice of cable will depend on what actions are supposed to be taken when connecting a mobile device to a computer. Let's say the main task is to be able to upload files to a Smartphone or tablet, or upload from a Smartphone or tablet, synchronize an address book or organizer. For these purposes, usb-com, or a usb cable for a mobile phone is suitable. If you plan to reprogram ("flash") the flash memory of a mobile device, it is recommended to choose between usb-com and com cables, etc. In any case, if necessary.