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Bluetooth devices largest selection of Bluetooth equipment Find your new Bluetooth wireless headset here. We have everything in cool music Bluetooth receivers. See also the solar powered Bluetooth speakers for the car. Take advantage of the many benefits of wireless data transfer. Order Bluetooth headphones with automatic radio search and best function. The potent headphones deliver absolutely excellent sound in stereo quality. Bluetooth headphones with long standby time The Bluetooth headphones have an unusually long standby time as well as a short charging time. The Bluetooth headphones are compatible with other Bluetooth devices, including smart phones, laptops and MP3 players you can of course also get speakers with Bluetooth function. With a Bluetooth speaker you achieve the ultimate freedom. The wireless speakers send your streamed music from your Smartphone, tablet or computer into the airwaves. The sound quality is top notch when you listen to music through a Bluetooth speaker. The speakers are user-friendly, portable and power-saving. Order Bluetooth devices at largest selection. Among our selection of Bluetooth devices you will also find Bluetooth keyboards. If you diligently use mobile phone and tablet for text work, you will come to love your new Bluetooth keyboard. Stop fumbling for the letters on your Smartphone’s mini keyboard.

Bluetooth devices Bluetooth wireless keyboards for mobile & tablets has a large selection of wireless keyboards for mobile and tablet. Remember that the keyboards can not only be used for iPads, but also for all other tablets - Win8 and Android tablets. For the car we have the cool Bluetooth Car Kits. With these car sets you can intelligently control and regulate both music and conversations in the car. Play music from your Smartphone - the sound comes out through the car's speaker. The music is muted automatically when you have an incoming call. It is possible to connect several phones at the same time to Bluetooth Car Kits Bluetooth devices you can use Bluetooth devices with iPhone, incl. headset, car kit, stereo headphones and an Apple Wireless Keyboard. You can find supported Bluetooth descriptions at  for important safety information on how to avoid hearing loss and distraction while driving, see Important safety information Using certain accessories with iPhone may affect the wireless connection. Not all iPod and iPad accessories are fully compatible with iPhone. If you switch on flight function, it may. Remove interfering sound between iPhone and an accessory. If you turn or move the iPhone and the connected accessories, you may be able to improve wireless performance. Connect to a Bluetooth device list and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to it. For more information on Bluetooth pairing, see the documentation that came with the device. For on using the Wireless Keyboard

Bluetooth devices establish a wireless connection to other compatible devices, for example. phones, computers, headsets and car kits. You can also send your pictures to compatible phones or to your computer. You can connect many useful Bluetooth devices to your phone. With a wireless headset (sold separately) you can e.g. talk hands-free on the phone - and you can continue to do what you are doing, e.g. work on the computer, during a call. Since devices with Bluetooth wireless technology communicate via radio waves, there does not have to be a direct, free airline between the devices. However, Bluetooth devices must be within 10 meters of each other, and the connection may be disturbed by obstacles such as walls or other electronic equipment. The paired devices can be connected to the phone when Bluetooth is turned on. Other devices can only detect the phone if the Bluetooth settings view is open. You should not bind to unknown devices or approve connection requests from unknown devices. This way, you can more easily protect your phone from harmful content.