Apple smart watch price in Pakistan as the cheapest price for its smart watch for the first time
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Apple smart watch price in Pakistan as the cheapest price for its smart watch for the first time

Apple smart watch price in Pakistan alongside the new Watch Series 6, Apple this year launched a more affordable version of its smart watch - the Watch SE for the first time. Priced at one and a half times less than the Watch Series 6, this model offers the user almost the same set of capabilities, except for blood oxygen measurement, ECG (which will appear on Watch OS 7.1), and an always-on system to introduce. It also has a previous generation SoC, which Apple estimates is 20% slower. We decided to check the device, evaluate battery life, and compare it to the Watch Series 5 model, which is still available from some vendors, and see if the Watch SE is worth it.

Examining this chart can be like a child's 10 differences game. Though, let's face it, there are fewer than 10. So SE has no way to keep the screen on all the time. Also, since Series Watch 5 has this option, and SoC and screen are the same, this feature has been clearly disabled simply by software. SE and ECG are missing, a long-awaited feature that will appear in the next OS update of the hour: 7.1. Here, the truth is that the optical heart rate sensor is the 2nd generation, while the Watch Series 4/5/6 has the 3rd generation. However, Watch SE can automatically measure your heart rate and warn about its irregularity.

Apple smart watch price in Pakistan but no pulse oxi-meter (i.e. blood oxygen measurement, SpO2) not only on Watch SE, but also on Apple Watch Series 5, so this is just a hardware innovation in Series 6, not implemented in model most economical and newer body material. At first glance, here the Watch SE is inferior to its older siblings, but in reality there is no difference, since other materials for the case, besides aluminum, are not available here. However, the colors are fewer than the Watch Series 6: three instead of five.

Apple smart watch price in Pakistan The watch comes in an all-white dust jacket with black Apple logo and the word Watch. For comparison, the Apple Watch Series 6 logo and watch have simply been removed, which of course made a special impression. Inside the dust jacket there are two boxes in one, the watch and the charger, the other the belt. In the group that we conducted in the test, an ordinary silicone strap was presented, which is no different from previous generations of watches. Watch Series 6 had everything the same. There are no configuration differences in the Apple Watch SE Series 6. Both lack a charging block. The manufacturer justifies it with concern for the environment; Why should the amount of plastic increase, they say, if every user already has enough USB chargers, that's basically a reasonable argument. But of course, there was a lot of anger on the web that Apple was trying to save money, hiding behind modern environmental arguments.

It is true that the Watch SE is only available in silver, black and gold colors, while the blue or red colors are only available to buyers of the sixth series. But if you take me models of the same color, the difference can only be noticed in the back as the Watch SE does not have the eyes of the pulse oxi-meter. In this sense, the new product is closer to the 5 Series, although there are differences as well.