Apple smart watch best features

Apple smart watches have become very famous nowadays, as they offer users a wide range of features that can be accessed right from their wrists. In simple words smartwatch is like a small computer that is worn on the wrist and offer users multiple functionalities like fitness tracking, notification alerts, voice commands etc.

One of the best merit of smartwatches is the convenience they offer. With a smartwatch, users don’t want to get into their phones. Instead, they can easily look over their wrists and see all the important information they need in real time. This feature is useful when driving, as it allows a driver to stay connected to their phone.

Another feature is fitness tracking that has made smartwatches very famous around the world. This feature provide users the ability to track heart rate, steps taken and burned calories, users can also monitor their daily activities. This is useful for the people who have busy lives and find it difficult to make time for regular exercise.

Smartwatches also provide voice command feature. This function is for those users who don’t want to want to physically interact with their watch. Users can easily make calls, send messages, set alarms and much more by just only speak a little louder than in a normal routine otherwise the mic of watch cannot hear your voice and the voice command feature will not works.

Users can also customize their smartwatches. They can choose from a wide range of watches faces, wallpapers, and colors to express their personality and style. Some smartwatches have also changeable straps which means users can easily change the look and feel of their watches.

If we talk about the design, smartwatches are come in many different designs. Our traditional watches are come in round shape and works on analog mechanism while the smartwatches are come in rectangular and square shapes works on the digital mechanism. Furtherly they are made of variety of materials like stainless steel, titanium and plastic. Nowadays most of the manufacturers made their products with stainless steel and titanium.

When we want to purchase a smartwatch, we should keep two key points in our mind. The first is battery capacity.The only demerit of smartwatches is their small battery life. As smartwatches have good processing power so, they consume more battery. We can also use power saving mode to save the battery life so, it can work more reliable and efficient. Generally we have to charge our device daily but some good smartwatches spend 1-2 days easily. It is mandatory to choose a watch that has a battery life that meets your need.

The second key point is compatibility. Some smartwatches are only compatible with the IOS devices which are apple watches and some smartwatches are compatible with both the Android and IOS devices.

There are also some applications which are specifically designed for smartwatches. With the help of these applications we can connect our smartwatches with our mobile phones and can monitor many activities like heart rate, steps taken etc. With these applications we can also get our all notifications, calls and messages of mobile phone on our smartwatch. Some of the most popular apps like Runkeeper, Mapmyrun and Strava and the entertaining applications like Spotify are benefiting the people very much.

Smartwatches are available in every local market of a small city. We can easily buy a smartwatch of every kind, color, and brand from these markets. We may also get some of the discount from local shopkeepers.

Personally, I have a smartwatch which is Apple watch series 7 41mm green in color. Its frame is made of Aluminum. It has a big battery which lasts longer up to 18 hours. It has a large o-led display screen on which I can easily read the text and see anything which I want. It is also waterproof with rating WR50. It has the feature called Always-on retina display which I like the most. By this feature I don’t need to raise my wrist or touch display to see the time or other stuff because the display is always on. It also has the cellular connection but only in emergency SOS. To use this feature your iPhone needs to be nearby your apple watch.The design of this watch is pretty much good.The look and feel of this watch is very premium and luxury. I use this watch from a long time and I don’t have face any kind of problem in using this product.I think that it is the most durable and efficient watch ever built by Apple.

By research I conclude that smartwatches have become very famous between the people due to their advanced functions. Nowadays every age of people are using smartwatches due to the compatibility, mobility and off course its functionality. It is the most reliable and convenient advent of the current era.